LEI 6931 w/ Dr. Dunn, another Great Class at UF

This past semester, I took an elective course entitled “Strategic Management in Hospitality Business”.  Given my past internship experiences at the procurement company Avendra, and my future in the consulting industry, I thought that this course would serve as a well-rounded elective.

At the beginning of the course, I was hoping that the industry-experienced professor, Dr. Greg Dunn, would help students like myself effectively draw effective takeaways to our respective industries.  For example, we had one lecture scheduled to focus on strategy formulation at the business unit level; I was hoping for Dr. Dunn to conclude the lecture with takeaways that could be applied to industries outside of hospitality (ex. investment banking or real estate).

Dr. Dunn did not do this.  What Dr. Dunn did was even more effective.  He kept the focus of each lecture entirety on the hospitality industry.  This challenged me to draw my own takeaways and conclusions from each lecture that I can appropriately apply to the technology industry.  This was quite effective for me, as I was constantly drawing parallels to my own industry and interpreting lecture content in real-time.

I genuinely enjoyed this course and appreciated the industry perspective that Dr. Dunn brought to this class.  To date, this course has been my favorite graduate elective.

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