Supercell’s Clash of Clans: A Premier Mobile Strategy

I am a big Clash of Clans player.  I started playing this past summer, and have been hooked ever since.

Clash of Clans

I, like many, do not play many video games.  Given my busy academic schedule, leadership commitments, and CPA exam studies, I do my best to limit frivolous distractions.  But Clash of Clans currently has me hooked.  In this entry, I’d like to focus on a few key principles that Supercell has built into this highly addictive mobile-only game:

  • Attention to detail: this is the smoothest game on a mobile device that I have ever played.  Players come to appreciate this, and notice it when other games do not have the same detail.  Hence more time is spent playing Clash.
  • A premier ‘freemium’ gaming platform: in Clash of Clans, players start off at a very fast pace.  Buildings take a matter of minutes to construct,  so players are engaged for long periods of time and receive the instant gratification of building structures quickly and frequently.  However as the game progresses, players will wait days on end to have buildings built.  For example, a Level 6 Air Defense will take 8 days to construct.  This is where Supercell makes money – charging players real money to purchase ‘gems’, which speeds up building construction.  At the time of writing, Clash of Clans is the Top Grossing app in the Google Play store.
  • A true strategy experience: Clash is a game that is truly dictated by the player’s actions and strategy.  No battle is the same as another, forcing players to think to achieve a successful attack.

I really enjoy Clash of Clans, and I think that if we had more game developers executing upon these strategies, we’d be playing more games and spending more money during time we don’t have…

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